Challenge Week 7


Colors are all around us

For you and me to view

In this poem I shall name a few

First lets start with yellow

So bright and fun

I would like to see it on every lass and every fellow

Next lets go to blue

The color of the sky and the ocean too

Last but not least comes green

The most common of them all

Even though you barely see it in the fall

Colors are everywhere

So many different shades

There’s always something new

Challenge Week 4

I want to more green.  This is because I think that we can all do our part in helping the Earth be a better place.  We all can start by doing little things, such as getting energy efficient light bulbs.  If everyone had at least one we would a a whole make the Earth so much better to live on.  We only have one Earth, Let’s not destroy it.


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Some People I Think YOU Should Add to YOUR Blog Roll!

This post is to tell people about some great blogs.  These are my favorite.

  1. My all time favorite blog would have to be Nadine’s Blog.  I enjoy reading her blog and even though she was out of school she still kept up on her blog.  If you want to see her blog go to:
  2. Another one of my favorite blog’s would have to be Bailey’s Blog.  Her blog is great.  I love her lay out and I agree with almost everything she writes.  Here is Bailey’s Blog:
  3. Also, a blog that I love would have to be Ayakibob’s blog.  She is very strongly opinionated and I really love that about her.  If you want to check out her blog go to:
  4. A truly Ah-MAZING blog is Charisse’s Blog.  Her blog is just really fun and she has great posts.  I

    ♥ you Charisse.  Her great blog is located at:

  5.  Another good blog is Katie’s blog.  Her blog has many great posts and I love the music on her blog too.  Her blog URL is:



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What if the electoral college didn’t exist?

If the Electoral College was abolished I feel that that would be better for people and fairer to the American people.  Then, people’s votes would count more because now the majority picks the president.  Also, there would have to be a test that people would have to pass in order to vote.  That way there people would know what they were voting for and what the impact would be on electing that person to office.


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Trail of Tears

This is the story that I came up with about a young indian girl who lived through the trail of tears.

My name is Kala. I am a young Cherokee Indian child. I have a hard time understanding why we are moving away from of home, but my mother says that it is because some wicked men are making us go. I have a feeling that it is because of the shinny stuff that we are finding on our land. The white men call it gold and really want it, but to us it has no meaning. I remember the day that they came for us we had a few moments to gather our belongings and then we had to leave. We were all petrified, even the Chief. We can’t come back home either and I’m going to miss living there. These mean men are leading us to a place that they call the Indian territory. I don’t know where it is, but I know that it is very far away. Everyone in our tribe is scared and most are crying or mad. Our Chief tells us that what they are doing to us is against our rights and there will be justice for us in time to come, but these white men are big and strong and have long weapons that can kill some one from very far away. Our chief was given one too, but I don’t think he knows how to use it because our people are peaceful and never had to use one of those things before.  I’m also very afraid for my younger brother. He is so young and the jouney is so long, I don’t know how he will live. I love him so much and I can’t bear to see die. I wish that we could all go home, but if we try we will be killed. All of us is so afraid for our lives already, but the journey is even worse. There have been countless storms including storms that make loud noises and have flashes of light in the sky and others have lots of white stuff called snow.  The white men are very mean.  My mother even gets scared when the white men come around, and she is the toughest person I know besides our chief. There are many others that are leaving with us. I can see our people out on the trail as far as I can see. If we can’t go home I can only hope that our life will be as good as it was in our new home that the scary white men call the Indian territory.



Okay, so I was reading the most ah-mazing book today durring SSR, which is a silent reading period.  The book was Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.  I was just getting to a really good part and then….poof…it was time to go!  I was so mad I didn’t want to stop reading!  So when I’m done doing this post and my homework that is what I am going to do….a.k.a. finish the book I have like 4 chapters left!

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Song of the Week

Sorry I haven’t done this in a while, I just had so much going on!

ANY-WHO! I picked the song of this week to be Fences by Paramore.  I picked this song because it was about how people in Hollywood have no private lives and you have to just suck it up and accept it by putting on a fake front.  I like this song because it is very real and tells you what the paparratzi and gossip magazines try to cover up.

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Challenge Week 1

Sorry that I haven’t been kepping up with my posts, but with CMT’s and everything else going on I haven’t had time.

The post isn’t Here! UH-OHH!  It’s actually on my About Me Page so it’s up there!








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10 Things That Impacted Andrew Jackson’s Life

10 Things That Impacted Andrew Jackson’s Life


  1. His father died a few weeks before he was born.
  2. He joined the army when he was 13.
  3. A British Officer struck him with a sword when he was young after he refused to clean his boots.  It left a scar on him for life.
  4. Andrew’s father and brothers died from serious diseases when he was still very young.
  5. His mother left to be an army nurse when Andrew was little leaving him to be an orphan.
  6. He was raised by his two uncles after his mother died when he was 14.
  7. While he was in the war he and one of his brothers were captured for 2 weeks.
  8. He received his elementary education, but he also had private tutors.
  9. He was said to have a temper and very little patients.
  10.  Andrew Jackson owned slaves because he was raised in the south.

Do you define a person by their actions or their intentions, why?

I feel that you should define a person by their intentions.  It took a long time to get this answer.  I kept going back and forth to the point where I followed Mr. B around the library listening to people and their sides.  After 45 minutes of this I still had no answer, so I kept thinking and thinking.  

Then I did some more thinking when I remembered that my cousin had one of her friends witness his friends hit and run accidents.  The kid that got hit didn’t survive.  The driver of that car didn’t intend on hitting and killing that child, but he probably will go to jail because those people on the jusry will define him by his actions.  Yes his actions were horrible and everyone wishes that this never happened, but it was (I hate using this word here…) an accident. He didn’t mean to.  Why would anybody want to do this to an innocent child.  

Another example is the way we vote for president.  President Obama gave us a whole bunch of promises, but there were no actions before we voted.  If we voted on his action then we would never be able to choose a president.  He won the election because he had better and more enticing intentions.  People trusted him more and believed his intentions.

This is why I feel that you should define people by their intentions.